The range of products BRC Mesh produces is enormous, catering for the industry and the private consumer.
The spectrum of applications covers construction, agriculture, civil engineering, mining, tunnelling, sea, and river embanking as well as fencing of homes, parks, golf courses and high-security areas.

Fabric Reinforcing Mesh

With more than 50 years’ experience in the production of reinforcing mesh, BRC Mesh is a leading supplier of customised reinforcing products to most industry sectors. Reinforcing mesh has a wide variety of uses, ranging from the ordinary household to heavy industry.

In many construction applications such as reinforcing, a welded mesh fabric is preferred to rebar, particularly if Ferro-Fabrik is used. Ferro-Fabrik is a top-quality product conforming to SANS 1024. It has greater features and strengths than rebar (minimum 485Mpa) allowing a material saving of ±8% and allows for time saving when fixing on site.

Lattice Girders

Lattice girders are an economic alternative to support systems, particularly in slab reinforcement. They are lightweight and can be handle easily without the need for special equipment. Making them easier to install than some other support system options. The lattice girders are manufactured from cold drawn, high tensile, black wire that is smooth or deformed.

The girders are welded at 200mm cross centre along the lattice length and are standard at 13m lengths. By using diagonal lines of steel, the girders are able to maintain their shape and resist bending. The girders are most often used with two-stage concreting, mainly as reinforcement of prefabricated slabs and beams. Though they are also used in mine tunnelling roof support and are suitable for fence posts, roof trusses, and purlins.

Galvanised Welded Mesh

Galvanised welded mesh is used in a number of industries which include agriculture, construction/building, mining and for gabion retainer walls.

The mesh is manufactured from galvanised wire, Class A: >260g/m2 and Class C: 40-70g/m2, and resistance welded at intersections which allows the mesh to be bent or cut as needed. Ultimately maintain the tensile strength of the wires.

Weldmesh Gabion and Mattresses

Our weldmesh gabion and mattresses are manufactured from lightly galvanised wire, Class C: >100g/m2, of 5.6mm diameter, UTS 200 – 700MPa, with a minimum weld shear strength of 9.3kN. They are produced in 100 x 100mm wire spacing. Weldmesh gabions have a variety of uses in hydraulic structures, such as:

  • Retaining structure- retaining walls, revetments, column basis and toe walls to embankments, bridge protection and cuttings.
  • Anti-erosion structures- seawalls, riverbank, embankments, canal, dam, weirs, and reservoirs.
  • Landscaping and architectural solutions.

BRC Mesh can deliver weldmesh gabion and mattresses in sub-assembled units together with tying wire or spirals.

BRC-thru® Fencing

In conjunction with BestFence, BRC Mesh Reinforcing has developed the BRC-thru® Fencing range of welded mesh panel systems to provide barrier solutions to a wide and varied range of applications including domestic, school, road, sports facility, and security installations. This fencing solution is aesthetically pleasing and provides for a secure perimeter. Many of the benefits include:

  • Multiple ‘V’ bends provide increased rigidity
  • Choice of plain, electric wire top or multi-spike
  • Unique clamping system ensures maximum wire contact
  • Galvanised or coated finish
  • Anti-tamper fixator solution
  • Wires pretensioned prior to welding
  • High tensile wire (600mPa+)
  • Vertical wire arrangement
  • Highly transparent

Quickties or Bale Ties

Quickties are a double loop bale tie manufactured with high tensile 3.66mm galvanised wire and is primarily used in the quick tying of cotton and wool bales. The quickties have other applications such as binding/tying cloths, foam, fibre, rubber, wood, wheat straw, hay, and in recycling. They offer minimum breaking strength of 1400 MPa. Some of the unique features include:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Fit for heavy tasks
  • Suitable for hand tying and automated systems
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Economical

Gusset Weld Mine Screening Mesh

Gusset weld mine screening is manufactured with high tensile galvanised steel wire. The screening protects against rock bursts and rock falls in underground mining. Some of the benefits of using gusset weld mine screening include:

  • Lowering the risk of injury and fatality
  • Durable and strong
  • Custom sizes to suit specific applications
  • Safe and easy to install
  • Easy transportation and storage

Resin Anchored Roof Bolts

Roof bolt assemblies for resin anchoring, also known as chemical anchoring, comprises of the stud, nut, bearing plate washer, and other accessories or modifications for particular installations.

Resin anchored roof bolts provide advantages such as stiff support, cost effective support system, improved anchoring in friable ground, and ribbed design offers better mixing and anchorage.

Bearing Plates (Washers)

Bearing Plates are used in rock anchor installations to provide essential support and load distribution to the rock surface in the vicinity. Bearing plates differ in the surface profile, material thickness, size, and hole diameter. The following are the most common bearing plates for their most common applications:

  • Flat – the simplest plate that is flat with a hole in the middle for a bolt.
  • Domed – the surface of the plate has been shaped into a dome profile and are used in scenarios where the rock face is even. When used with a spherical seat and ball-nosed nut the bearing is able to articulate under the seat, enabling self-alignment that ensures flush contact with the rock surface.
  • Ribbed – the surface of the plate is into four ribs from a domed centre around the hole. They are used when installing at a right angle on the rock or where a flat rock face is experienced. The ribbed design offers stiffness and strength.
  • Dog Ear – most bearing plates that are used in general have a dog ear. They are used in suspension of lightweight items such as trailing cables and vent brattices.

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Features of Reinforcing Mesh

  • The unique deformed wire pattern (curry pattern) offers superior bonding, improved stress distribution and Crack-width control.
  • Ferro-Fabrik is available in a wide range of diameters and apertures. The product can be bent to shape as required.
  • Manufactured from hard drawn wire (smooth) and cold rolled wire (deformed).
  • All intersections are resistant welded, thereby not reducing the tensile strength of the wires.
  • Mesh has an average shear strength equal to 80% of the wire strength.
  • The wire used has physical properties which are rigidly controlled to produce mesh with maximum weld strength combined with ductility.
  • Specifications allow for cold rolled wire with a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 510Mpa and a high resistance to fatigue.
  • Mesh is available in black (pre-galvanised) and galvanised sheets or rolls.

Quality Control
Reinforcing mesh is produced to highest quality standards and complies with ISO9001 Standards. Thorough testing, of wire strengths, welds, and aperture sizes, is continuously performed at all stages of the manufacturing process. Final inspections ensure that highest standards are maintained.

Standard Sizes
Reinforcing mesh is available in rolls (60m x 2,4m), and sheets (6m x 2,4m) manufactured according to standard sizes. Wire diameter varies from 3,55mm to 12mm. Mesh aperture can be as small as 100mm x 100mm.

Special Mesh
Specialised machinery is used to produce weldmesh with non-standard aperture sizes. The spacing of wires in either direction is variable between 13mm and 150mm.

Customised mesh is available on request according to specifications provided. Customers and design engineers should contact BRC Mesh before embarking on the design of such mesh.